Should you use the auto body repair shop your insurance company recommends?

The short answer is no. Every state has a unique set of laws and regulatory standards when it comes to insurance claims and auto body repairs. In the state of Ohio, consumer protection laws prohibit insurance companies from steering claimants where to take their vehicle for repair.  This is for your protection against sub-standard repair quality. 

Most insurance companies have relationships with repair shops and may have negotiated preferable repair fees in exchange for referrals. You may hear terms such as “approved mechanic” or “approved body shop” or “within our network”. The insurance company prefers you go there because it will be cheaper and easier for them, but maybe not for you.

When you need auto body and collision repair services, its important to do your research and select the auto body repair facility that is best for you. You may already have a trusted relationship with a body shop, or a trusted friend or family member makes a recommendation. Visit an auto body shop’s website and see if they have reviews posted or do a Google or other search engine query about a body shop and see what reviews are available. At Marksman, we are proud of our customer reviews and have them on our website, and our Google review rating is 4.6 out of 5 with 110 reviews!

Advantages to using the auto body repair shop your insurance company recommends

While you are free to choose any auto body repair facility you wish to have your car repaired, there are advantages to using the repair facility your insurance company recommends, provided the body shop has a good reputation and positive reviews. Check out our article on “Choosing the best auto body repair shop” for expert advice on choosing a body shop.

The repair process may go smoother by using the recommended body shop. Your insurance company may have a direct bill agreement in place, meaning they will pay the body shop directly, so you don’t have to deal with it. You might otherwise have to wait for a check from the insurance company to pay the body shop, which could delay getting your vehicle back.

Here at Marksman Auto Body, we have outstanding relationships with most major insurance providers, and can work with your provider to ensure the auto body repair goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. As an independent auto body repair facility our approach to customer service is unmatched. It’s what sets us apart from other auto body repair shops in Northeast Ohio. We treat customers like family and will not let any repair job leave the building until our customer is 100% satisfied.

Call us today at 330-225-5560 or fill out the repair estimate form to learn how we can help you with your auto body repair.

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